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Getting attestation US Documents for the UAE use or need to attest your US-issued documents for the UAE without your presence? Or are you looking for USA certificates attestation and apostille information in Dubai, UAE? Yes, attestation.us having couple of decades great experience in UAE by offering state of the art quality attestation and apostille, legal translation services at cheap price simply We can help on this.

Required papers:

  • Original paper or certificates which issued from USA
  • Passport copy or id card copy of candidate and color photo
  • Supported documents example: if it university degree then mark sheets required

A brief description on US certificate attestation is, the procedure to attest US-issued documents can be simple or complex depending on the document that is being attested or to be attested or apostille. The mainstream of the papers being attested for the UAE are Educational Certificates (Diplomas, Degree Certificates etc.) and non educational certificates or papers also attest Birth and Marriage Certificates, affidavit, power of attorney, commercial invoice or any other officially issued document sometime become attestation easy and quick and some time take bit more time. Regarding time frame of US certificate attestation, apostille is completely depends on government or authority working days and clearance and of course we make delivery commitment based on our past experience.

A brief information on US certificate attestation:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Diploma certificate or university degree
  • Power of attorney, police clearance, divorce letter, commercial invoice, contract, authority and NOC letter, medical papers etc..
  • Educational and non educational documents issued form USA

Attestation and apostille process from USA to use in UAE

  • UAE embassy attestation from USA
  • Apostille stamp in USA
  • Washington DC attestation
  • Notary from USA
  • Final process as Ministry of foreign affairs after finishing all USA stamping

Why you choose us?

  • Providing superior quality attestation
  • Free pick up and delivery
  • Online help and assistance
  • Genuine attestation and safe hand delivery
  • Affordable, reliable and on time delivery

If you wish to have a free assistance or further information on US document attestation in UAE then please call us our expert help you on this +971 55 536 9292, +971 52 948 6046, +971 4580 8326 E-mail us: attestdxb@gmail.com